Our Top Disney Moments of 2010

1.We got our dog and we named her Snow White.

2. Flights of Wonder for the first time.


3. Seeing DiVine for the first time.


4. Hannah getting picked by Miyuki.

5. Butterflies landing on Hannah at the Flower and

Garden Festival.

6 . Kicking off Spring Break at Beaches and Cream.

7. David’s Birthday.

8. Hannah’s Birthday.

9. Jonathan’s Birthday

10. Getting our other dog and we named him Yensid.

11. Staying at Kidani Village.

12 Disney’s Electrical Parade.

13. Drawing Jack Skellington at the Animation


14. The American Idol Experience at the Studios.

15. Disney’s Preview of Secretariat.

Secretariat Movie Poster

16. John’s Birthday.

17. Halloween at Downtown Disney.

18. Boyz II Men.

19. Rick Springfield.

20. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

21. The Safari at Animal Kingdom.

22. The Candlelight Processional.

23. DVC’S Merry Mixer.

One Response

  1. Yensid is Disney spelled backwards.

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