Homeschooling with Unit Studies

Unit studies, sometimes called thematic units or integrated studies, are very popular with homeschoolers. Unit studies usually use a hands-on approach for effective learning. The child learns by actually experiencing or discovering through different methods and activities, rather than just reading a chapter from a textbook. Studies show that children using unit-study methods retain 45% more than those using a traditional approach.

The “unit” or “theme” part refers to the idea of studying a topic as a whole instead of several “subjects.” Thousands of years ago, the Greeks decided to break whole topics into subjects. For example: most people think of water as a science subject. One way to look at water is as H2O—a chemistry subject—but, it is also art (a beautiful waterfall), history (the Red Sea), economics (water bill), theology (baptism), language arts (babbling brook, which is a metaphor), geography (the location of bodies of water), etc. Read More


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