Taking a bite out of rainforests

monthly newsletter, marchDear Shannah,Historic decision: Vermont senate votes to retire nuclear plant

In a historic decision for our clean energy future, the Vermont State Senate has voted to retire the Vermont Yankee Nuclear plant, which is owned by the Louisiana-based corporation Entergy. Despite Entergy’s efforts to renew the license for the 40-year-old reactor, the Vermont Senate voted to shut down the nuclear plant as scheduled in 2012. The final vote was 26-4.

A host of problems have plagued the Vermont nuclear plant, from missing fuel rods to the collapse of cooling towers to the uncontrolled and unmonitored release of radiation into the groundwater. This historic vote may be followed by a vote in the Vermont House of Representatives.

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Nestlé products taking a bite out of rainforestsWhen you’re biting into some of Nestlé’s most popular products – like PowerBar, Butterfinger, and Nestlé Crunch Crisp you could be taking a bite out of precious rainforests. A new report we released shows that Nestlé has purchased palm oil linked to Paradise Forest destruction in Southeast Asia.Growing global demand for palm oil is fueling the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia to make way for expanding palm plantations. Fire is often used to clear forests, causing massive, polluting blazes. Illegal canals are cut into ancient peatlands, draining water and releasing methane and other potent greenhouse gases.We need your help to tell Nestlé to stop destroying rainforests for palm oil.

You’d be crazy not toWe can’t let the chemical industry lobbyists win! They’ve been blocking strong chemical security legislation for nine years. These “big business” lobbyists are pulling out all the stops to prevent public safety from prevailing over profits. In 2008 Greenpeace identified 169 lobbyists registered to keep Congress from enacting a strong chemical security law.Do you have a few minutes to help us win this important campaign? All you have to do is pick up your phone and call your Senators. It’s easy to do and makes a big difference.
Retire Vermont Yankee
Other ways to support GreenpeaceShow your support for Greenpeace by hanging our calendar on your wall, carrying our debit card in your wallet, signing Greenpeace themed checks and more. Support Greenpeace!

Greenpeace is looking to train the best and brightest students to make a difference!The Greenpeace Organizing Term is a semester long training program where students learn how to use their passion to create change. Check out our site for more info about the program and to apply for Summer. We’ve extended our deadline for Summer to March 26th, so pass this along to passionate students or apply today!

Find Greenpeace on FacebookIn order to stop commercial whaling in the months ahead we need a strong community ready to work together at a moment’s notice. Become a fan of Greenpeace’s USA Facebook page today to get updates, see newsfeed posts, participate in the conversation and join a community of 45,000 others working together to save the planet! Fan Greenpeace today


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