Disappearing ice is already killing seal pups.

humane alert advocacy header seals 2010
March 10, 2010 

Tell Prime Minister Harper:
Cancel the Hunt

Dear Friend,

This is unbelievable.

The HSUS ProtectSeals team is watching a disaster unfold off Canada’s east coast. Every year, our team documents the largest massacre of marine mammals in history, as commercial fisherman slaughter baby harp seals for their fur. We do so to bring attention to this cruelty. But this year, we’ve had to watch a different but no less painful sight: There is virtually no ice, and many of the baby seals will die before the sealers arrive.

Harp seals need sea ice to give birth to and nurse their pups. But for the first year on record, virtually no sea ice has formed in key birthing areas such as the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Without it, mother seals won’t have a place to give birth to their pups, and many pups may perish as a consequence of the environmental disaster.
What’s worse: The Canadian government may allow sealers to slaughter what few surviving pups they can find.
We must act quickly.
Unless Prime Minister Harper steps in, those pups who survive the loss of ice will die at the hands of humans. Sealers will club and shoot the pups as they cling to tiny pans of ice — it will be a slaughter of the survivors.
In the short term, we can’t save these pups from this environmental catastrophe. But it’s our urgent responsibility — and that of the Canadian government — to protect the helpless survivors from slaughter at the hands of sealers.
Canada’s seal pups are facing impossible odds. They need you on their side more than ever.
We’ll do everything we can to get Prime Minister Stephen Harper to have mercy on these pups. Thank you so much for joining our call to save lives.
Rebecca Aldworth
Executive Director
Humane Society International/Canada

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