Niemat’s worry about Darfuri people in the camps

Help Save Darfur speak out for the silenced victims of genocide
Dear Shannah, 

All the talk of progress in Sudan masks a horrific truth: Unprecedented levels of rape and sexual violence threaten women and girls on a daily basis.

Next year’s elections could spark more instability and violence, and our contacts inside Darfur and Sudan tell us women and girls may pay the highest price.

Help Save Darfur speak out for the silenced victims of genocide by making a generous tax-deductible donation right now.

Save Darfur works directly with activists like Niemat Ahmadi to monitor events on the ground and get information.

Niemat told me, “The enemies are everywhere, the terror is unrelenting, and the tragedy of these awful years has fallen especially heavily on both the women of Darfur—and, with more horror than my words could possibly convey—the girls.” 
In the weeks leading up to Sudan’s first elections in over 24 years, we urgently need your help to speak up for the women and girls of Darfur. Your donation will give Save Darfur the resources we need to:

  • Give activists on the ground a megaphone so that their voices cannot be ignored;  Donate now so that we can be that megaphone the people of Darfur and all of Sudan so desperately need. wanted to make sure I told you—your efforts are working. She talks of the indictment of President Bashir, of the global pressure on his regime, and of the increased number of UNAMID peacekeepers in the region.But then she says, “These are not the greatest measure of your impact. Hope is. That is the gift you are giving to the women and girls of Darfur.”

    Don’t let these women and girls down.

    Please make a generous contribution to support this movement today.

    On behalf of Niemat and the rest of the amazing activists whose outreach your donations are supporting—thank you for standing by Save Darfur at this critical moment in our fight for peace.

    My best,

    Jerry Fowler
    President, Save Darfur Coalition

  • Petition, rally, and lobby the U.S. government and the United Nations to increase peacekeeping forces in Darfur, to help protect the millions of women and girls there;
  • Develop and distribute reports and benchmarks for fair elections in Sudan; and
  • Pressure the world to isolate and ultimately arrest indicted war criminal Sudanese President Bashir.



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