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Where will your Members be during Recess?Health Care Heads Home

The health care debate is hitting home, literally. With Members of Congress heading to their home districts for recess, the argument over health care reform is playing out in sometimes contentious town-hall forums across the country. Opponents of President Barack Obama’s proposal have become increasingly vocal, while unions have now begun organizing counter-protests in favor of reform. The next few weeks could be crucial to the future of the legislation.

Visit the home page to see stories and documents from around the Web about health care reform. Also, during the month of August, we’ll be posting a schedule of each day’s town-hall meetings provided by our partner, Knowlegis.

Talk Back to Congress

If you can’t make it to a town-hall meeting, you can also write your Member of Congress.
With several different versions of the health care bills under consideration, it can be hard to keep track of the details.
But the broad outlines of the debate are clear: None of the major reform bills under consideration would end the private market for health insurance, but they would add new regulations on what kind of coverage is offered.

It is not yet known whether the final bill will include a “public option,” a voluntary, government-run alternative to private insurance. Supporters say the government plan would keep insurers honest, while opponents say it could put them out of business in the long run.
Lawmakers have also not decided whether reduced spending or new taxes would pay for the plan’s estimated $1 trillion cost over 10 years.

Tell your lawmakers what you think about health reform.

Click here to write a letter in support:

Click here to write a letter in opposition:

What Do You Think?

ABC News and the Washington Post recently asked 1,001 adults around the country for their views on investigating the treatment of terrorism suspects.

How would you have answered?
Share your thoughts or see the results of the ABC/Post poll.

Last week, we asked for your thoughts about the quality of health care in the United States.

Nearly 71 percent of subscribers who answered the question said they were satisifed with the U.S. system’s quality. By contrast, only 45 percent of respondents in a scientifically conducted poll by the Economist magazine felt the same way.

Remember that while Internet questions are a good test of the intensity of feelings on a subject, they are not valid measures of broader public opinion.

Bills of the Week

S. 1584 would prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Click here to tell your Members of Congress what you think of this bill.

S. 1632 would require public disclosure of the terms of home mortgages held by Members of Congress.

Click here to tell your Members of Congress what you think of this bill.

How They Voted

The Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Vote: 68-31 in the Senate. Sotomayor was sworn in Saturday.

The Senate approved another $2 billion for the “cash for clunkers” car trade-in program.

Vote: 60-37 in the House or Senate. The bill now heads to President Obama.
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Editor’s Note: Congress is out of session and is scheduled to return on Sept. 8. is a publication of Roll Call Inc., an Economist Group Business. Ryan Teague Beckwith, Deputy Editor



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