Can Mail Delivery Be Limited to Five Days Only? Tell Congress – Also: Stimulus Details

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February 02, 2009

The U.S. Postal Service asked Congress to change regulations requiring it to deliver mail six days a week. The Postal Service cited increased costs and declining usage of the postal system that resulted in declining revenue and the need to drastically cut costs. The post office said that in heavy mail times, such as the holidays, it would deliver six days. It also suggested that perhaps the urban areas would retain six-days-a-week delivery, while the more expensive rural routes be subject to the five-days-a-week delivery.What do you think? Tell President Barack Obama and Congress your view and how you’d address the problem.ACTION POLL: (Cast Your Vote by Sending a Message)
Allow Five Days of Mail Delivery
Oppose Five Days Only Mail Delivery

Also, you can tell the post office what you think using their Contact Us web form.

The House passed a stimulus bill last week with no GOP votes. (How They Voted) According to our Action Poll, you opposed that bill 80 percent to 20 percent. The Senate begins its debate this week with GOP Senators opposed as well but looking to change it through amendments. The Senate version, which will combine two bills (S. 350 and S. 336), differs from the House version H.R. 1. The Senate bill provides for a temporary fix to the alternative minimum tax and additional spending.Visit starting Tuesday afternoon for the results.CONGRESS.ORG BILL TRACKER — WHAT IS CONGRESS DOING?


We are tracking some bills that may be of interest to the public. They include issues such as reparations to African-Americans, declaring that life begins at conception, eliminating income taxes and replacing them with a sales tax and more. Get details on those bills

on our Web site.


Your opinion, that is. Did you know that you can have your message hand-delivered to the door of your Members of Congress? For a small fee per letter, we can give your letter “Extra Impact” to help make your voice heard. Select that option when filling out your message on any topic.



Want to make your voice heard concerning issues important to you? Get on your SOAPBOX and make it happen! Our Soapbox feature allows you to give exposure to your issue and lets other users take action on the alerts you create.
Our Soapbox Commentary feature allows you to share your thoughts about officials and candidates with other users. Thousands of politically interested people visit every day. Posting your own Soapbox Commentary gives exposure to your opinions about officials and candidates.

You can create your own Soapbox Commentary by visiting an official’s bio page and clicking on the link that says “Post your Soapbox Commentary now.”

THEIR BIO — YOUR COMMENTS: Soapbox Commentary

Should Congress pass or defeat the Senate version of the stimulus bill? Select your view below and tell Congress what you think.

ACTION POLL: (Cast Your Vote by Sending a Message)
Support the Proposed Senate Economic Stimulus Package
Oppose the Proposed Senate Economic Stimulus Package

Many important issues go through the House Energy and Commerce Committee. And it has a new chairman in Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Ca.). Rep. Waxman represents Beverly Hills. Find out what he has planned for energy, climate change and health care in this Roll Call article. Also, you can find more articles on this key committee, including details on its history, on

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