Polar bears are suffering, and need your help NOW

Polar bears are in danger and need your immediate support. Populations are declining and polar bears are finding it harder to find food.Please help now.  In the Arctic:

  • Only about 43% (less than half!) of polar bear cubs in Alaska’s Beaufort Region survives their first year.
  • Polar bear populations have dropped as much as 22% in the last 25 years.
  • Average polar bear birth rates are dwindling, and the health of adult bears is deteriorating.

The hunting season — the frozen months of fall, winter and spring — is shortening as the summer thaw gets longer, and the ice platform dwindles.  Scientists predict that arctic summers may be entirely ice-free by 2040!  This would be a catastrophe for polar bears, because the ice pack is their hunting ground.

But with your help, National Wildlife Federation can make a difference.  Adopt a polar bear today, and help protect a species, one bear at a time. You’ll receive an Official Polar Bear Adoption Kit which includes a loveable polar bear plush and a personalized Certificate of Adoption.

Show your support today to give polar bears and other species a fighting chance. There really is little time left for fragile wildlife species like the Alaskan polar bear.  Please give your most generous support today, before it’s too late.

Thank you for your continued support.


David Strauss,
Vice President Membership Programs




Receive a polar bear plush
family and this adorable tote bag, FREE with your gift of $50!



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