Obama Moving on Global Warming


Stop Global Warming Virtual March

President Obama will reverse the policy of the Bush administration and allow states to limit the level of greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles, and will direct the EPA to approve a request by California to impose its own strict limits. The new administration will also ask the EPA to move forward on new fuel-efficiency guidelines for 2011 model-year cars.

While global warming is a top priority for the new administration, a disturbing new poll suggests the general public is cooling on the climate change issue. Declining interest may not be shocking as focus shifts to the immediate troubled economy, but without vigilant attention to stopping global warming our long-term economic and security health is at serious risk.

For a perspective on how much we are underestimating the global warming problem, read the essay “Think Again: Climate Change” by author, environmentalist and Virtual Marcher Bill McKibben.

In the middle of the new administration’s first 100 days, Power Shift 2009 will bring 10,000 young people to Washington to hold our elected officials accountable for rebuilding our economy and reclaiming our future through bold climate and clean energy policy.

From February 27 – March 2, 2009, young people from across the country will converge on D.C. to demand that the President and Congress pass climate and energy policies that prioritize renewable energy, green job creation, and an aggressive cap on carbon emissions. To learn more and get involved, visit PowerShift09.org.

Forests in the West are dying twice as fast as they were 17 years ago, and scientists blame warming temperatures, according to a new study utilizing data gathered over a 50-year period. California had the highest tree death rate, with pines dying at the fastest rate. The research also showed that new trees often are not replacing dying ones, and that as trees die, they actually emit more carbon than they absorb.

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Check out Time Magazine for their review of the Top Ten Green Stories of 2008. Included in the list is the election of Obama; new rules putting a freeze on coal plants; the first carbon auction; and the driving technique “hypermiling.”

Every month in 461 cities worldwide (and growing) people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and make new contacts. Help spread the message by joining a Green Drinks group in your city, or set up a new group. Visit GreenDrinks.org for more info.

Keep Marching!

Laurie David


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