Help me end the genocide in Darfur

Hi Friends,

After years of violence in Darfur, the International Criminal Court prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, told the U.N. Security Council just last month that “the genocide continues.”

President Obama can end this genocide, but he needs to know there is a constituency of conscience calling for action. That’s why I joined thousands of voices for Darfur and sent a postcard to President Obama.

Will you add your voice to mine?

I’m participating in the 10 in 10 for Darfur Challenge, and I’m trying to get 10 of my friends to join me in sending a postcard to President Obama calling for him to take decisive action to end the genocide in Darfur.

I need to get 10 friends to sign a postcard by January 30 – the 10th day of Obama’s presidency – to have a chance at winning limited-edition Save Darfur Inauguration gear. Will you help me out?

Thanks so much for standing with me and helping bring peace to Darfur.


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