Thousands of voices, 1 message

Dear Shannah,


The new president must act
on Darfur, as promised,
on Day One.

Add your voice before Election Day.


In just two weeks, Americans will select the next president who is responsible for taking strong actions on Darfur.

We’ve set a goal of collecting 20,000 new postcards for the next president before Election Day.

A stack of urgent messages from Darfur activists will be waiting for him when he sits down in the Oval Office in January. Make sure yours is among them. Send your postcard, and be one of 20,000 new voices for peace.

We’ve come such a long way with your help, Shannah. People are alive today in Darfur because we raised our voices together. And your consistent work has sparked strong words on Darfur from our nation’s leaders. Look at what we’ve accomplished just this year:

  • May 28: The three presidential candidates issue an unprecedented joint statement pledging to pursue peace in Darfur with “unstinting resolve.”
  • October 2: In their debate, both vice presidential candidates express their plans for U.S. leadership on Darfur.
  • October 7: In the presidential town hall debate, Sens. McCain and Obama discuss how to end the genocide.

Your actions have spurred strong words on Darfur. Now we have to take the next critical step together: ensure that strong words in debates become strong actions in the Oval Office.

Thousands and thousands of voices speaking together can compel the next president to keep the promise he made to Darfuris. Will you be a voice for Darfur?

Add your voice: send a postcard today!

After you’ve added your voice, please click here to ask your friends and family to add their voices and help us collect 20,000 signatures before Election Day.

Thank you for your commitment to ending the violence in Darfur.

Best regards,

Jerry Fowler
Save Darfur Coalition


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