At least nine dead in Finnish college shooting

CNN) — A man opened fire at a college in southwestern Finland Tuesday, killing at least nine students, officials said.

The emergency services gather outside the school in Kauhajoki, Finland.

 The shooter then tried to kill himself but was not successful, Antti Rantakokko, the mayor of Kauhajoki where the shooting occurred, reported.

Several other people were wounded in the attack, but officials could not immediately say how many.

“We can’t tell you exactly how many people are in bad condition,” the mayor said. “We don’t have the numbers yet.”

The shots were reported at a college for home- and institutional-economics in the municipality of Kauhajoki, according to YLE, a Finnish national broadcaster. Video Watch more about the shooting »

A 22-year-old student of the school walked into a classroom full of students who were taking a test, and opened fire about 11 a.m., YLE said.

Jukka Forsberg, a maintenance worker at the school, said the man was wearing a ski mask and walked into the building with a large bag, the agency said. About 150 students were on campus at the time.

The man later shot himself in the head, but survived, Mikka Pettersson of the Finnish News Agency (STT) told CNN. Read the Rest


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