Somalia: A country in peril, a policy nightmare

September 03, 2008

Click here to read Enough’s new report on Somalia

In the Enough Project’s latest report, Somalia: A Country in Peril, A Policy Nightmare, Horn of Africa expert Ken Menkhaus argues that Somalia’s bloody 18 year conflict is worsening due to seismic change occurring in the country. Menkhaus analyzes international policy failures at every level-in state-building, reconciliation, political transition, economic recovery, humanitarian access, and counter-terrorism efforts to combat radicalization-and argues for nothing short of a complete review of what he terms “shipwrecked” international policies.” Given the severity of the crises in Somalia and the extraordinary level of failure”, Menkhaus says, “the burden of proof must fall squarely on the shoulders of those advocating a ‘stay the course’ approach, not on those calling for change.” 

Click here to read the report

“After 18 years of sustained crisis, it would be a dangerous error of judgment to brush off Somalia’s current predicament as more of the same,” says Enough Project Policy Advisor Colin Thomas-Jensen. “And with 3.5 million Somalis now at risk of famine, the human cost of our continued failure is escalating by the day.”

Click here to read the report


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