Mugabe’s Revenge


Due to the increasing risk of widespread crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe, this special ENOUGH report examines the country’s deepening political crisis and provides policy recommendations to stop the violence and ensure that a legitimate, democratic government is seated.  Absent a strong coordinated international response, President Robert Mugabe will calculate that he can stay in power through violently rigging a run-off election.

Read the report here
Report author Jamal Jafari, a regional analyst and ENOUGH consultant, argues that the United States should coordinate with international actors including Southern African nations, other African leaders, and the United Kingdom to develop and present a proposal for a settlement to the Zimbabwean government that includes immediate financial and reconstruction assistance in exchange for Mugabe’s exit and a transition to a democratic government. Concurrently, the international community must formulate a plan for international prosecution, further sanctions, and isolation should Mugabe attempt to stay in power at all costs.

Read the report here


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