Stop the Canadian Seal Hunt

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Dear Shannah,

Did you know that in the past two years, 98% of the seals killed in Canada’s seal hunt were less than three months old? This year the Canadian government promised a more humane hunt. They said “Canada’s seal hunt is humane, sustainable and responsible.” But this is far from true.

It’s clearly time for the seal hunt to end, permanently.»

Observers on the ground and in the air have already documented instances where animals were shot and clearly left to suffer. They witnessed live seals hooked and dragged across the ice. And in one of the more disturbing moments they watched as a sealer wrote an expletive on the ice while a recently clubbed seal behind him started to move…obviously still alive.


Is this the Canadian government’s idea of a more humane hunt? Urge the Canadian Prime Minister and Canadian Ambassador to end the cruelty of the seal hunt.

Sign the petition today.»

Thanks for taking action!Samer
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Take Action!

Severe cruelty has been witnessed and documented at the hunt during the past 30 years and incidents of cruelty are not decreasing.

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