A Little Old School Action — Write a Handwritten Letter!

Send a handwritten letter to your senators.

Dear Shannah,

All signs are pointing to June as the month when your senators, Barack Obama  and Richard Durbin, will be voting on the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act.

As we head down the homestretch, we need your help to make sure your senators vote “Yes!” to this important bill.

Today, we’re turning back the clock with a bit of an “old school” action:


Send a handwritten letter to your senators!

In this age of emails and text messages, a handwritten letter is one of the best ways to get an issue on the radar screen of a decision maker. Of course we do have one big obstacle: for security reasons, mail to Congress goes through a month-long security  check–meaning we need to get letters in the mail by May 1st for them to hit in time for the June vote.

Up for the challenge? I think you are. All it takes is one piece of paper, one envelope, one stamp and the desire to speak up for wildlife. 
How to Write and Send Your Letter:


  1. Start your letter with “Dear Senator [Last Name],”

  2. Ask your senator to support the Climate Security Act (S. 2191).

  3. Tell one reason YOU are concerned about global warming. (Have you seen changes due to global warming? Are you worried about your child/grandchild’s future? What wildlife do you care about?).

  4. Ask your senator for a response, and include your address.

  5. Address the envelope to:

    The Honorable [Insert Senator’s Full Name]
    The United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510

  6. Let us know you sent a letter!

***BONUS ACTION: Recruit friends to write a letter with you!

One letter is great, but the more the merrier. If you know of friends or family members who might join you in speaking up for wildlife, invite them over for dinner, pizza, brownies, coffee, etc., and supply them with the pens and paper they need to write their own personal message to their senators.


Thank you so much. And please don’t forget #6. We are keeping close tabs as to how many letters each senator gets from NWF supporters!


Kristin Johnson
Grassroots Mobilization Coordinator
National Wildlife Federation

Inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.



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